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So, as I have talked about before, I am pregnant. I am 27 weeks and 3 days pregnant, to be precise. Which in laymen’s terms means – pretty damn pregnant. You would think I would be getting a little antsy about the fact that I still don’t have a regular, established care provider. But nope. I am not even close to shaking in my boots. See, if there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am picky. Capital P I C K Y. Especially when it comes to how I deliver my baby. I mean, my vagina, my birth, right?

Which brings me to the rant part of my post. (Aren’t you glad you came to visit me on my blog today?) Why is it SO hard to find a midwife and/or OB who provides good, professional care, who won’t make you feel like an idiot anytime you disagree with them? Tim and I have lived in two different states now, and in each state, we’ve interviewed about a thousand (okay, slight exaggeration) midwives. And a few OBs. The OBs were immediately cast aside for their love of interventions. (Seriously, one time, we had this OB who within seconds of me being in her office, offered me about 5 different medications – some of which were meant to counteract the effects of other medications she was offering. Um, yeah, no.) The midwives seemed okay, but upon employment, morphed into these ginormous flaky granola hippie morons. They would ALWAYS show up late to our appointments (and we’re talking like, 45 minutes late with nary a phone call!), espoused all kinds of herbs in the 1000 mg range while saying how evil over-the-counter drugs were (who needs FDA approval, right?) and thought homeopathy was good. Now, I love the internet. And I love research. So, natch, when I read about homeopathy and how it’s basically like popping sugar pills, I balked. And laughed behind my hands a little while they were talking. And fired them.

So last night we went to tour our LAST option – a birthing center. It would seem that a middle-of-the-ground place like a birth center would please even picky ol’ me. They’re supposed to be less “granola” and much more educated than your average Certified Professional Midwife, they’re certainly not OBs, and they are all for low-risk, low-intervention births. The best part is that each room has a big, queen-size bed, candles, a stereo with an iPOD docking station, and a giant, big birthing tub. That’s right, so you can give birth in the water. Needless to say, I have an appointment there on Monday. Fingers crossed that the Certified Nurse Midwife (aka CNM) doesn’t talk about sugar pills, herbal tinctures or try to peddle drugs on me.


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