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So, it is crazy that I’ve taken off the past seven or so months in order to (a) finish gestating and (b) try to get a handle (somewhat) on surviving two kids under two??

It feels GOOD to be back, let me tell you!! I have also hopped back onto the freelance writing train, with two articles sent out today (my goal is five per week, and pitifully, so far it’s been 5 in the past seven months…). But I have high hopes for the future!

And now for the big news… WHO was I gestating and WHEN was he/she born? Well…

We have a beautiful baby GIRL named Maya Lorelei, and she is 5 months old this month! So I am now the healthy, happy mom of one gorgeously handsome, funky, wonderfully weird little boy, and one drop-dead pretty, sparkly-eyed, squealy little monster of a girl. Phew!!!!

Stay tuned for more product reviews coming up soon! Just as soon as this poor writer catches her breath…


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