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Since  I am now the proud, oft-frazzled, mother of two babies under two, I have become the Queen of Doing Whatever Works. I frequently find that both kids need my attention at the same time. A typical scenario involves Maya squealing at me (and baby lungs are much stronger than one might initially imagine) for a bottle, and Nick yelling at me for “Mo! Mo! Moooooohhhhh!!!!” which is toddler-speak for “Give me more food NOW or watch your world crumble around your ears”. Both children want to see the fruits of their labor realized, which means that I cannot leave them in the living room  while I go into the kitchen to make a bottle and assemble a plate of toddler-appropriate snacks. So what’s a mom to do? Why, get a bouncy chair, of course!

Here’s one that I especially love, since it converts to a rocker for your toddler, too. At $41.99, you can afford to have a few scattered all over the place, which is what I’ve done. That way, the baby is always privy to everything I’m doing (you know, just in case I’m not making the bottle fast enough to suit her) and she never feels left out. Having several also makes it so that you don’t have to carry your baby AND the  bouncy chair from room to room. A worthy purchase, by all means.


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