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If you want a baby who sleeps like, well, you know… then get this marvelous, ingenious device:

This, my friends, is a Sound Sleeper. And I can honestly say that without it, I would be a stark raving lunatic right about now. If I could see the man or woman who came up with this idea, a soothing white noise machine for babies, I would fall to my knees and kiss his or her hands and feet. I would give him or her free manicures and pedicures. I would share my huge stash of mini-Kit Kats. You see, I have an extremely light sleeper for a child. That’s right; in addition to my eyes, my coloring and my big cheeks, I gave my son my stupid light-sleeper gene. What does this mean for our naps, you ask? Well, succinctly put, a person a few houses down could be having an allergic reaction to something, said person could sneeze delicately into a tissue, and Nick would be up, screaming like a little, tiny banshee. It gets really old at 5 AM when the sun starts to rise, the damn birds start their infernal chirping, and my son starts going, “AAAAHHHHHWAAAHHHH!!!” Really old.

I remember when Nick was a few weeks old and I was frantically thumbing through a parenting magazine, looking for tips to just.get.him.to.sleep. They mentioned a “white noise machine”, and I drove the 45 minutes to my nearest baby store, and bought the Sound Sleeper. And since then? We’ve all been sleeping very, very soundly.

The Sound Sleeper comes equipped with 30 sounds, including Ocean, which is what we’ve always used (some of the others are womb {creepy!}, brook, rain and birds {Gah! Damn birds are everywhere}). It also has volume settings so you can turn the noise up or down according to baby preference. And the BEST part is that when the power goes out, it automatically switches to battery, people! Finally, a genius device that understands the agony of hearing your baby go “AAAAHHHWAHHHH” mere seconds after you’ve set him down, because of a stupid power outage! Living in a city where storms are an everyday occurrence, you really start to appreciate this kind of thinking.

The Sound Sleeper is a bargain at $22.99, and I highly encourage every pregnant woman out there to get one, even if you don’t think your baby will be needing it. And if your child is a light sleeper, here’s a big cyber hug. Now what’re you doing still reading my blog? Run out and buy this thing, pronto!


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